Web Mapping

Having some “fun” with JS Bin, Leaflet, Mapbox, CartoDB, D3 using Boko Haram Data

Below are two links to two JS bin webmaps I put together. The below link displays a timeline of Boko Haram Events from 2009-June 2017. You can click on each point to see what type of event occurred as well as play with the timeline on the bottom.

Boko Haram Timeline Webmap

The below link here provides a choropleth map of population per admin level 2 (LGA) with associated legend, Boko Haram attacks per LGA- click on each polygon! Point Clusters of the different events- click each point to show fatalities, a layers function in the top right corner.. just a plethora of fun.
Overview of Nigeria and Boko Haram

Using the embed code from JS Bin doesn’t seem to work on WordPress, read a couple different articles suggesting there’s some issue with a plugin.. if you know how, comment below! Embedding a google map, arcgis online, bing.. etc all are super simple, JS Bin, not so much.

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